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SSA Games General Rules, Terms, and Conditions
The information contained within this document is subject to change at any
time, without notice. Please confirm the latest rules or any doubts with the
organizing committee.
In this document:
1.1 The term SSA means Sikh Sports Association of USA.
1.2 The tournament refers to the any annual games held by SSA.
The executive committee or the Games Committee is formed by the SSA Board to
organize, plan and run this tournament successfully.
The event or technical committee refers to the committee that is responsible to
organize, plan and run events for each sport that is being held at this tournament. There
will be a separate event/technical committee for each sport. Various event/technical
committees are formed by the executive committee.
2.1. The tournament is an annual event holding competitive sports to accomplish the
objectives as per the vision defined in the SSA constitution. Participating teams and
athletes get together from around USA to compete in various sports, such as but not
limited to, Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Kabaddi, Soccer,  Tennis, Tag Football
and Volleyball.
2.2. These Games are subject to the SSA General Rules, Terms and Conditions. The
General Rules, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
2.3. The participant must be able to demonstrate that he/she has been residing in the
state/territory/country, which he/she is representing at the Games continuously for a
minimum of three months before the games.
2.4. The Games is a sports extravaganza, open to all spectators to visit and enjoy. This
is one of the events of its kind in the USA.
3.1 There are no restrictions as to who can participate, visit and enjoy the Games,
except that the individual event criteria must be followed.
3.2 If the executive committee or the event committee has cause to suspect that a
participant does not fulfill event criteria, they reserve the right to ask for the formal
identification to be provided to prove that the participant meets the event criteria.
3.3 This right will be used whether a protest has been lodged or not. There will be
random cases chosen throughout the tournament to ensure that this criterion is being
adhered to.
3.4 In the circumstance that a person cannot provide a proof to satisfy the participation
criteria, the entire team may be disqualified from the tournament. The games committee
can exercise this right as soon as they find that the person does not meet the
participation criteria.
3.5 The games committee forewarns all prospective participants who fall into
�?�¢??DOUBTFUL CIRCUMSTANCES�?�¢?? (of being able to meet the Basic Participation Criteria)to seek clearance from the games committee BEFORE the tournament and preferably before registration, to avoid any unpleasant embarrassment and disruption to the event(s).
4.1 In case of a dispute, a PROTEST FORM may be lodged as per the formal
procedures as outlined in item 9 below.
4.2. The games committee reserves the right to the final decision. Once a decision has
been made, no appeals will be entertained towards the same protest.
5.1 To preserve the spirit of the Games and to safeguard the well being of the
participants and their families, the participating teams and their supporters are expected
to show their best behavior during the Games ON & OFF the field.
5.2. Any supporters of a particular team invading the field of play or court during a game
and engaging in misconduct of a nature that disrupts the run of play, will be reported by
the umpires to the Games Committee.
5.3. If found guilty of misconduct the team may be disqualified from the Games.
Depending on the degree of misdemeanor, the offending team may be barred from
further and future participation.
5.4. The team managers are requested to make sure they have their supporters under
control . Team managers are responsible for the conduct of its players and supporters.
6.1 While the executive committee will take reasonable precautions, they cannot be
held liable or responsible for any injuries to individuals or loss of property.
6.2. It is advisable for all participants to have their own (sports injury) insurance, as the
games Committee will not be responsible in any way.
6.3. Each participant/team (or team manager) must complete the Waiver of Liability
form (supplied with the Registration Form) .
7.1 All participants representing a particular Association/ Team/Club will only be allowedto play for the Association/Team/Club they have registered with.
7.2. The participant must be able to demonstrate that he/she has been residing in the
state/territory/country, which he/she is representing at the Games continuously for a
minimum of three months before the games.
7.3 The registration forms must be received by the games committee on or before the
prescribed last date, along with the prescribed registration fee.
7.4 After the last date for registration, if the forms are incomplete, without any required
attachments (such as the Waiver of Liability Form) or without the complete registration
fee, it will be assumed that the team/participant is not interested in registration and will
not be registered.
Apart from the above-mentioned Waiver of Liability declaration when registering, it is
also assumed that by filling out the Registration Form for the Games, the
participant/team declare that he/she accepts the following:
I am in good physical condition and health, making me capable of competing or
officiating in the number and type of events for which I have entered in the Games to be
organized by the games committee.
If I sustain an injury or illness whilst participating in the Games, I authorize medical staff
(as appointed by the games committee) to perform and administer emergency medical
attention, as they deem necessary.
I will abide by the rules and regulations issued by the sports body organizing the Games
. I will observe all oral and written instructions given by authorized personnel at the
Games. I acknowledge that failure to comply with the designated rules may result in my
disqualification from the Games.
I acknowledge that for the purposes of the Games a participant�?�¢??s age is determined as
on the first day of commencement of the games. I acknowledge that I must show proof of age when asked for. This proof may be in the form of a valid Driver's License, Passport, Birth Certificate etc. Failure to produce acceptable evidence of age when requested may result in your disqualification from the event or from the Games.
I hereby give SSA the unconditional right to use, at its discretion, photographic pictures
and personal information on me in any form of media, art, advertising, trade, visual
documentary, promotional material , merchandise or film coverage of any kind without
compensation to me or approval by me. The competitors agree that they will not make
any unauthorized reproductions of the Games logo or use the words "Sikh Sports
Association of USA" with reference to the Games, or any variation thereon, on any form
of merchandise, promotional material , personal and team clothing or stationery.
Entries received after the cut off date (please refer to the registration form for the last
date for registration) or those received incomplete, without required attachments or
registration fee may not be able to participate/compete in the Games and will only be
accepted with approval of the Executive Committee and the respective sports
The Executive Committee condemns the use of classified substances for the purpose of
performance enhancement. Not only these substances are dangerous to the well being
of the concerned person, the act of consuming such substances is unfair to other
competitors and is contrary to the ethic of sport and incompatible with the Sikh
philosophy. Any individual who is found/caught handling such substances risks ban for
LIFE for participation in the tournament organized by SSA. Such individuals and any
such events will be reported to the Executive Committee for further disciplinary action
as well as to the relevant police and legal authorities.
I accept that some sports may fix a maximum number of participants due to venue or
other restrictions. If my entry into a sport is unacceptable due to insufficient spaces
being available, I am entitled to a full refund of the sports levy component of my
registration fee. In the event of withdrawal from the Games after an entry has been
accepted, no refund of registration/sports fees will be made.
I acknowledge and accept that, no Sports/Personal Injury or Health Insurance is being
provided by the SSA, or the various SSA committees or the owners of the venue. Any
insurance coverage, if required, must be arranged by the participant or their
team/club/association etc, at their own cost.
in the event that I am subject to any suspension or ban imposed by any sport in which I
am entering, I will make such information known to the Games Committee and the
coordinator of the respective sport on the registration form. My entry may be refused or
cancelled by the Executive Committee due to any suspension or ban.
8.11 FEES
Fees must be paid in full when requested in order to gain entry/participate/compete. The
Executive Committee cannot run any credits.
I will handle all disputes as per these terms and conditions. If I want to appeal a
decision, I can do so by formal procedure as described below. I will abide by the final
decision of the Executive committee.
9.1 Complete the Protest Form (see the attachment) and lodge with the Technical
Committee together with the relevant fee (as prescribed on the form) . The Protest Form
must be lodged within ONE HOUR of conclusion of the game in dispute. No Protest
Forms will be accepted without the prescribed fee. The Fee will be refunded if the
protest is upheld, but will be forfeited should the protest be lost.
9.2. The Technical Committee will review the Protest Form and give their
recommendation to the Executive Committee to make a decision. The manager and
team captains from each side in question may be asked to attend any meeting related
to the protest.
9.3. Decision of the Executive Committee once made will be FINAL.
9.4. No further correspondence or appeals will be entertained towards the appeal for
which a decision has already been made.
Protest Form 
Protest Lodged by:
Event Name:
Event Venue:
Other team in the event:
Event Date:
Time of Conclusion of the event:
Report by the Team Manager
(Attach extra pages if required)
Print Name:- __________________________                                            Signature:__________________       
Received By:
Date:_________________        Time:-_________________
Decision of the Technical Committee
This form must be lodged within ONE HOUR of the conclusion of the event in question
and MUST be submitted to the Tournament Director along with the FEE of $100
(team sports) or $50 ( individual sports) before it can be processed.

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